‘The Battle The enemy Must Not Win’ -Adeyera

Rev Canon Adeyera, Peter Jasper Hostel Hall warden, Ajayi Crowther University told the Students not to allow Devil win any Battle in their life, during the school 2nd night vigil held at the School Auditorium.
Rev Adeyera, during his sermon said, assuming Adam and Eve were not defeated, Jesus Christ have come to Earth. And nobody under the Heaven will escape the battle of life and destiny by the Devil.
Referring back to the bible, he said, the first war in the heaven was between the Devil and Others in order to overrule the Heaven. Based on the result, Devil failed and was casted out from Heaven to Planet Earth with all his Angels. So if there could be war in Heaven, why on Earth do you think will be left, he said.
He further, “Devil has been on the same battle with everyone on Earth, so he is looking for all means to win the Battle”.   Let it know to us that everybody is fighting Battle of life and Destiny.
Its a pity today that many don’t have understanding of the battle that is coming to them, so they take life careless because they don’t understand.
“Unless you rise up to fight, it might be difficult for you to recover what the generation had lost”. So this is the battle the Devil mustn’t win, he said.
He also said, Youth life is very important and must be strong spiritually. If the Devil can’t defeat you as a youth, will definitely found it difficult to defeat you as an adult. Because your life Journey is determined at the Youth stage.
“Many engaged in some terrible attitude which brings defeat and causes to them. And unless they separate themselves from that things, they may not achieve, he said. So this is the battle Devil mustn’t win.

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