Morell to drop new emotional song, ‘Borno’, shares touching story

Morell is set to release a single with the title ‘Borno’, and according to the singer, the song reflects his deep pain, and the struggle to continue with life.

Singer Morell is currently waxing emotional about his new song.

Morell is set to release a single with the title ‘Borno’, and according to the singer, the song reflects his deep pain, and the struggle to continue with life.

Morell had recently overcome his trials with his record label, emerges stronger, and captures that moment with the new song.

While working on the Borno song he reached out to a lot of people to contribute in the making of the music. Most notable was Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, who promptly blocked him on chatting app, Whatsapp.

‘Borno’ will be released shortly.

Read Morell’s emotional story below.

“I came to Abuja from Lagos, in November of 2014, with the intention of going back that same week, and although what I set out to achieve in Abuja didn’t work out, I ended up staying longer than I had initially planned. Why? Just pay attention and you’ll find out soon.

The contract I had with my former record label was ending on the 1st of January 2015, the same month my video, Ganga da Garaya, was scheduled for release. Let me quickly digress and express my gratitude to Mex for directing a great video and Bento records for (executive) producing it.

Anyway, the record company kept postponing the release date for the video, probably because they wanted me to renew the contract… but hey, I figured it was time for me to move on to a point where I could enjoy full creative control and have the freedom to do more works that would positively affect the way people think and act.

That’s when the idea for the #BORNO project came. What inspired me to write the song was nothing but pain; raw, gut-wrenching, tear shedding pain! I really felt bad that with the whole situation in Maiduguri I couldn’t move my mum and siblings to a safer place…

I was talking to my family on the phone one day when I heard some weird noises in the background, I asked, “what’s that sound?” and my 14 year old little sis laughed and said, “that’s a normal sound around here these days, these people are at it again.” It was the sound of explosives, obviously.

I could hardly sleep that night. I wasn’t sure how, but all I knew is that I had to find a way to move my family out.

To make things worse, in the midst of this emotional trauma I had bills to pay, so I resolved to make the little change I could by playing whatever gigs I could find. God bless people like Mr. Gabriel (Don G), Joesph Yobo who indirectly helped me sort out some of my bills in Abuja.

The last few months of my life have been like a journey to finding myself again, like a rebirth, and I believe the moment of my rebirth was the same moment the #borno song came to me. I realised that the purpose of my talent and the whole point of being an artist, is to create music that affects peoples’ lives positively, and the best place to start is in my own community, my #borno, my Nigeria.

Even though I had recorded many great songs that could create some buzz, I refused to release any new single. I just buried myself in the #borno project and vowed not to put out any new work until it became a reality.

At some point I even got in touch with Don Jazzy, trying to make him see the picture I had, and how helpful it would be to have someone like him on the project, but Don Baba Jay been no really understand your boy, haha… anyways, I guess he really didn’t buy the idea because he ended up blocking me on WhatsApp (e been pain me small sha… lol… but I hold no grudge against his Doroness).

Sent from heaven, my bro Phenomenon (producer, Antisocial) came to my hotel room with some beats, and the very first beat I heard became the catalyst that triggered the writing process of #borno. I wrote and recorded the first version of #borno at Hilltop Studio Wuse II, Abuja, but James (manager Hilltop Studio) insisted that the beat was too jumpy for a peace song; he suggested that I work with Majik on another version.

Ironically Majik was busy at that point, so we couldn’t work. I had my boy Ozee bring his mobile studio to my hotel room where we recorded the song on the same Phenom beat. That went well too… Haha… but then we still did another version with another producer from Jabi called Pheels.

Just when I thought, “finally, we have the #borno song”, something interesting happened. We were free styling in the studio with a producer called Candel, he started playing the keyboards to the hook of the #borno song, and struck an amazing four chord progression that totally caught the attention of everyone around, including another hilltop studio producer called Brace (producer, KAI).

I was like yes, this is definitely it! So I called Pheels to come through, and four of us sat down to do the final version of the #borno song. I recorded the song and then got AP, to do the spoken word on it. I met AP through her mother, who is a cook in one of the numerous hotels I stayed throughout my stay in Abuja. AP’s mum heard I’m into music and told me about her daughter’s talent. I had one meeting with AP and she made a good impression on me, so as fate would have it, she became part of the project on her second meeting. Although I never promised to help or feature her on any project, the situation presented itself naturally and the law of attraction took its due course.

After the recording and arrangement of the song was done, I was left with no money to mix and master the work, but as God would have it, we were listening to the song in the studio one night when Brace commented that if only Majik had been in Abuja, we would have used his studio engineering services. Behold a few minutes later, Majik appeared, like magic lol. He had missed his flight to Qatar and just decided to drop by.

“This must be God” I said to myself, and yes indeed it was God, because that same night he put finishing touches to the beat, mixed the song and mastered it. All cos of the love he has for the project… at this point I have to take some time out to thank each and every producer that jumped on the project, for being as passionate as I was about it.

In the process of working on this project, I have learnt many valuable lessons. For instance, if I had to pay everyone that has collaborated on the #borno project their true worth, I wouldn’t have the money to do so, but they looked beyond momentary financial gain and saw the big picture. So basically I have 4 producers on the song: Brace, Candel, Pheels and Majik, who also mixed and mastered the song.

Even though the #borno song is very emotional, it’s also a victory song for me, because I was able to break through so many ups and downs and emerge successful.

From the times when I had to go to bed with nothing in my stomach, to the times I had to stay indoors cos I had no cash to move around Abuja, I never gave up on hope, hope in my dreams, hope in my family, hope for Nigeria and hope for my beloved state borno.

So here I was, far away from home, with nothing but hope in my heart, a master copy of the #borno song in my hand, and a pending hotel bill which I had no visible way of paying. Most people who know me would never imagine me not having enough cash to sort out my hotel bills around 1:00am, but that was the reality…

It was a horrible experience, yet I thank God for his infinite mercies and blessings. Blessings like my good friend from university, Sly-Suleiman, who kept faith with me and encouraged me that night even while we had to sleep in the car. Haha, it sounds funny now but hey, we did it. The full details are for another day though.

Around 6:00am that same day, I called my friend Gotti, who welcomed me into his home where I was able to rest and revitalise myself. Since then, we have been on this mission. My hope is that this music speaks for us all; I hope it becomes our collective song through my voice, and most of all, I hope they all listen.

My name is Morell and with the support of my friends and members of the Project #borno team like Sam Icheme, Gotti, Beat Sleenga, Ope Lawani, Cent, Adams Bulama, Naela Bashir, Maidawa and many others, we will reach out to the world and our fellow Nigerians preaching peace, and we will also plead with our leaders and the elite to consider the plight of the helpless common people in everything they do.

I’d also love to thank everyone that stayed up late with me, Sam Icheme, who’s been a very good friend, and my Acting Manager through the whole process, Amaka, Kwinet, Oluma, Kayzee Mota, Dana (South Africa) and Ada, though I’m sure they didn’t know they were encouraging me.

Ozee and Cent who sacrificed their mobile studio to record my vocals, Tony and Bobby who became my brothers and who believe with me, Freedo who made sure certain things were available whenever we needed them, Onome Pepper Kitchen that supplied food for me and my team, Peter Mshelia, David Akilah Ameera Modibbo, Jay Murphy, Ahmed and kitty and every other person that prayed with me and for me.

Sani Zawiya, Buju Kabo, Ahmed Dantata, Ali Nuhu, Iceman, Teejay Gangua, my big sis Hajiya Gumsu Sani Abacha, big sis Umma, big brothers Baba Balami and Allen who advised and supported me on the steps I took to achieve this goal, this vision. But above all I want to continue thanking Our maker, the King of all Lings and Lord of Lords for giving me this task.

We intend to make the world see #borno for what she truly is. A beautiful place, a home where me and so many others found peace before now, and we vow to do the little we can to restore peace and love in the hearts of my people and all Nigerians far and wide.

Save Borno, Save Nigeria.

Please spread the word, the Borno song drops very soon.


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