#HM_face on board again!

Hamton Media face of the month is back again for the month of June.
A rigorous analysis has been taken place among the contestants which dropped many of them.
The only two contestants on board are Odesola Opeyemi and Sanni Oluwaseun.


Opeyemi odesola

Odesola Opeyemi is a Nigerian, born in Abeokuta, Ogun State (South West region). She is a 200l student of EPS LA cite in Cotonou, undergoing Mass communication.. She was part of NSD awards 2015 ‘miss ebony’ contestants. She is very catchy with her Ebony face. Opeyemi is well known as ‘blackbeauty’.


Sanni Oluwaseun is also a Nigerian. A final year student of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo under the platform of Communication and Media Studies Department. Seun is a well known make-up artist on campus which her service is extending to Lagos state. As a young black girl with ebony face, she won ‘Miss Ebony’ 2015 at her departmental dinner night. Seun is well known as ‘Sleeky’ which she named her business after, ‘sleeky’s touch’…
#HM_face of the month is a free publicity platform for the lucky winners for two to four weeks. Winner shall be announced on 12th of June 2015.

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