‘BlackBeauty’ snatch #HM_face


The pretty face behind the #HM_face (miss personality) for this month is Opeyemi Odesola a.k.a BlackBeauty.

Blackbeauty hijacked this month title from Sanni Oluwaseun (Miss Ebony) with one strong vote that was unable to break within two days.

Opeyemi is a 19years old queen, a 200l mass communication student of Ecole Professionelle Specialisee(eps) LA cite, Cotonou.

During the discussion process with Hamton Media, she portray her feelings for Journalism field. She is set to take the bold steps of the Top On Air Personalities in Nigeria. Watch out for BlackBeauty very soon…

She keeps flowing with this statement “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today? Today is a gift that’s why we call it present”


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