Oshundairo’s words to ACU-CLASS of 2015


ACU class of 2015 sign of victory

It has been said that the only constant in our lives is change. What a great statement that is and how relevant it is to graduating students.
We have come to the end of Undergraduate Journey in Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo which I know most of us signed off the victory, glory be to God for sparing our lives.
In your first year, you came into a system described by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Jaiyeoba, as the university maze, and you were taught to find your way around the complexity of its ideas, expectations, requirements and prohibitions. You have, for this reason, been equipped to cope with the expectations of the outside world.
You have also acquired a plan and structured lifestyle from the peculiar campus living in a mission university. And this should henceforth give meaning and significance to your life. Both the skills and abilities should stay with you throughout your life.
If the teaching of your lecturers has taken root in your hearts and borne fruit, as I believe that it has, and if you have imbibed the values of the great tradition of university education, as I believe you have, you will go out into the world to make a difference by rendering service and not expect to be served by society or to exploit the society or take advantage of other people. Let us all strive to make our immediate environment better than we met it, and then proceed to influence change in our Nation.
Class of 2015, you will not tremble before any challenges because you have been educated to cope with all challenges, because the Lord God who gave you the characters and learning to overcome all obstacles with not allow you to falter, and give you the strength and resilience to fulfill the hopes of your parents and guardians and also fulfill your glorious destiny.
God bless Ajayi Crowther University, God bless Our parents, God bless class of 2015.

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