Brazzaville 2015: Nigeria to participate in 21sports


The Nigeria Olympic Committee on Tuesday said
that the country would participate in 21 sports at
the All Africa Games in Brazzaville, Congo in
September, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.
The sports are athletics, basketball, badminton,
boxing, beach volleyball, cycling, football,
gymnastics and handball.
Other are judo, karate, table tennis, para athletics,
powerlifting, taekwondo, tennis, rugby, swimming,
volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling.
The Secretary-General of NOC, Tunde Popoola,
however, said the number of sports might be
reduced due to a paucity of funds.
Popoola said, “The National Sports Commission
has told us that they don’t have enough funds to
carry all athletes.
“We are hoping that we could take all the athletes
to Brazzaville.”
The former national hockey team star said the NOC
could be forced to reduce the number of sports the
country would take part in at the Games to 15 or 17
if the NOC could not raise enough money to cover
21 sports.
The NOC chief added, “It is not our intention to
raise hopes of taking all athletes to the competition
– and later dash their hopes.
“If the NOC had its way, all the 21 sports will go. It
would be very painful if it comes down to dropping
some sports.
“It is rather unfortunate. We are hoping that things
would turn around for good.”
NAN reports that Nigeria took part in 20 sports at
the 2011 All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique.
The country won 31 gold, 29 silver and 42 bronze.

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