2 boys, aged 9, 11, arrested for trying to sell bomb


The children had reportedly been ordered to take
the explosive device to the Bauchare area of the
state capital.

Two young boys have been arrested in Yola,
Adamawa State after they were caught trying to
sell a bomb.
The children had received orders to take the
explosive device to the Bauchare area of the state
capital, according to Premium Times.
However they instead attempted to sell it to an
aged man who is said to have rejected it.
“The two bombers are little boys. I saw when they
took the explosives to one baba that buys scraps
and the baba said he is not going to buy because it
was small, they left,” a witness said.
“I was standing here in this fuel filling station when
those boys left the baba but just as they got to the
road, there was an explosion. One of them was
injured and they started running,” he added.
The incident has been confirmed by the State Road
Safety Corp Commander, Luka Ikpi .
“When I heard the noise, I rushed out but I was
told it was tyre that got burst. But the sound I
heard was not that of tyre. So I asked my officer in
charge of intelligence to find out,” Ikpi said.
“It was when he came back that he confirmed my
fears, and told me that two little boys have been
apprehended. I then arrested them and handed
over them to the police,” he added.
The number of young suicide bombers in Nigeria
has been on the increase and they are believed to
be assigned to the deadly duty by terrorist sect,
Boko Haram.
The country has witnessed a spate of terror
attacks which has claimed more than 500 lives
since President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in
on May 29.

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