Baba Tee, Yetunde Oduwole Former lovers drag themselves through the mud


Yoruba actor and comedian Babatunde Bernard,
and Yetunde Oduwole are currently entangled in a
war of words, and are dragging their names
through the mud.
This is not the first time the former lovers have
fought publicly.
In the latest round of their war of words, UK based
Yetunde Oduwole took the first shot. In a YouTube
video posted by her, she accused Baba Tee of
always being mean to her whenever they have an
arguement. Oduwole who was shedding tears in
the video accused Baba Tee of deleting all her
pictures from his Facebook photo albums.
In the clip, she also said any man that offends her
will not prosper. She made an example of one of
her former lovers whose wife recently begged her
to forgive her husband.
Baba Tee has responded to the video. The actor
who granted an interview to E247 Mag. In the
interview he spoke about how Yetunde Oduwole
begged him to have an affair with him.
You can read his interview excerpt below;
“I was marvelled when I saw what the ‘wannabe’
London big babe, as people write (this makes me
laugh), Yetunde wrote on her blog yesterday and
today. I think I just need to put some things
straight. Please Yetunde, how many stories do you
want to tell us? You know deep within your heart
that you asked me out, though people may not
know. It was even reported when you came to
Nigeria to beg me to marry you. You were stalking
me around during my movie shoot in order to spite
your ex-husband.
You went to church and told me that your pastor
told you not to think about your husband again.
Why are you now turning the story around and
telling lies?
Are you trying to tell people now that despite not
knowing you before coming to London, I already
prepared the “African juju” for you?
“Are you also telling people that even though you
are living on state benefit support in the UK, you
can actually get a stay for someone? Madam, stop
this lies. You cannot even invite someone over to
the UK, talk more of getting a stay. You and I know
that, even if anyone does not know. Stop deceiving
people because you don’t have what it takes.
“Are you also saying that despite my small
manhood, you cried ceaselessly begging me to
stay whenever we fought? You said I have a small
manhood, yet you stayed with me for four years? I
only know that my manhood will only be small to a
woman with a wide womanhood (sic). Thank God I
have a new relationship in which I can feel the
sweetness which I could not feel over the years.
“Between November 2011 that we met till October
2014 when we separated, all I spent with Yetunde
was not more than six months as I never lived in
the UK as people think. Out of the six months that I
stayed with her, she threatened me more than ten
times with fake police report for threat to her life,
fake NHS report, and so on. She even said that she
wants to die because of me. She made series of
audio and video clips of her raining curses on me,
why? I got to realise that all she told me about her
ex-husband, Babs were lies. I sat down and
thought of her attitude towards a man that she had
two kids for, and I asked myself: ‘am I not in hell
fire?’ Anytime I tried to leave, she came up with
different threats because I didn’t know much about
the UK then; that was why I was in the relationship
for that long until people gave me courage. “People
can criticise me and say whatever they like, but
it’s now in my past.
Please leave my girlfriend and my folks out of
whatever problems you think you have with me,
face me and me alone. (Yetunde), you know you
don’t have any cloth in my house that my girlfriend
can wear, stop attacking people with your
“As for you Mrs Blogger, did Yetunde have respect
for me when she dated Mr Kwame in Ghana where
she exposed her B**BS? Who is she that I will
have to hide my girlfriend from her? I have moved
on with my life since last year because I need to
have my own family. I am overdue for it and I’m
not going to let her draw me back anymore. I
regret ever meeting her. She should just move on
with her life. I wonder why she keeps coming back
to my life and constituting a nuisance on social
media platforms.
“People should also stop thinking that Nigerian
artistes are wretched; we don’t depend only on the
movies we act or produce, there are many other
things we do that earn us good money.
“As for me, I hate that this is happening because I
am not a lousy person like Yetunde. She lives a
fake life and we always fought about it. I was
never willing to get married to Yetunde; she was
just there for that period of time and she knew the
relationship wasn’t going anywhere even though
she tried to get it to be a bit more serious.
“All is history now. Her advisers should talk to her
candidly to let me be. I have found a woman and I
have peace with her. If you are not in the right
place, no matter how hard you try to make it right,
it will always go wrong. ”
Baba Tee and Yetunde Oduwole started dating in
2011 and got separated in 2014.


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