Islamist rebel handed over to Uganda from Tanzania

Kampala – A Ugandan Islamist rebel leader
accused of heading a group that has killed
hundreds of people has been handed over to
Uganda after being extradited from Tanzania, an
army spokesperson said.
Jamil Mukulu has been described as head of the
Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an organisation
accused of a string of attacks in western Uganda
and the Ugandan capital Kampala that killed 1 000
people between 1998 and 2000.
“He’s waiting to face justice for his crimes,”
Ugandan army military spokesperson Paddy
Ankunda told Reuters, adding that Mukulu had
arrived in Uganda on Friday.
Mukulu, a Ugandan national, was arrested in
Tanzania in late April and had previously said he
would challenge extradition.

He is also wanted in connection with fighting in
neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and
Uganda’s government has said his organisation is
linked to Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants.
Mukulu has been under UN sanctions since 2011,
and rights groups say the ADF is responsible for
executions, kidnappings, torture and rape and has
profited from lucrative cross-border trade in
timber and minerals in eastern Congo.
The Congolese army launched a major operation
against the ADF last year, saying they had
significantly weakened the group, leaving it with
as few as 50 fighters.
– Reuters

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