Ambode, Mudashiru calls for peace during Eid-el Fitri

The Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode,
and the Speaker of the state House of Assembly,
Mudashiru Obasa, have called on residents of the
state to embrace peace and religious tolerance
during the Eid-el-Fitr celebration.
They urged Muslims in the state not to forget the
tenets of forgiveness and brotherhood which
characterised the period of the holy month.
They said these on Thursday in their separate
messages to mark the celebration.
Ambode, in a statement by his Chief Press
Secretary, Habib Aruna, said the nation needed
peaceful co-existence among citizens to overcome
the problem of insecurity.
While condemning the wave of violence being
perpetrated by members of the Boko Haram sect,
he called on Nigerians to return to the value of
brotherly love.
He said, “As we celebrate this auspicious
occasion, let us renew our faith in our nation and
implore the Almighty Allah to restore to us those
values that place high premium on human lives,
love of neighbours and sharing, even as we
ventilate our faith in the unity of our dear country
and the possibility of taking its proper place in the
comity of nations.”
The governor, who said the spirit of Eid-el-Fitr
resonated around the virtues of love and respect,
not just for our creator, but also for fellow humans,
also called for unity among the different tribes and
religions in the state.
“In this all important crusade to rescue our dear
country from socio-economic, as well as political
quagmire, let us all continue to demonstrate those
sterling virtues of harmonious and peaceful co-
existence as well as the willingness to serve in this
melting pot of cultures where the multi-ethnic and
multi-religious nature of our state is turned into a
source of strength,” he added.
Obasa, in his message, said Nigerians should
continue to display the spirit of love and peace,
which were the major virtues they displayed during
the Ramadan period.
He also called for support for the government in
the war against insurgency in the country.
He said, “We must continue to display the virtues
we enjoy during the fasting period, hence there is
need for us to continue to share love and promote
peace. Ramadan has come and gone, but our good
deeds must not be neglected or forgotten.
“Government at all levels is trying its best to
ensure that insurgency is curtailed. On our part,
what is required of us is to come together, share
love with one another and promote lasting peace
irrespective of our religious affiliation; our main
goal should be to put a stop to insurgency.”
The Lagos speaker said Nigerians should remain
vigilant at all times while keeping close watch on
the ativities of their children.
Obasa said, “The insurgent group has devised a
new strategy of using innocent children to plant
bombs and explosives at their target areas, hence
the onus lies on us to remain vigilant, monitor our
children and educate them not to take any parcel
or box from any stranger even if they are offered

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