33 out of 36 ministerial nominees fail litmus test


New reports have indicated that the reason the
ministerial nominees has not been released yet is
as a result of discrepancies traces back to most of
the nominees.

New revelations have indicated that the failure of
President Muhammadu Buhari to announce his
ministers after almost two months in office is
connected to discrepancies including
misappropriation of funds traced to the ministerial
nominees, Sunday Tribune reports.
Investigation teams reportedly revealed shocking
security reports on the alleged fraud and
misappropriation of funds by 33 nominees short-
listed by President Muhammadu Buhari, with only
three said to have passed the corruption test.
Sources said that 36 ministerial nominees were
penciled in and submitted by the All Progressives
Congress (APC). After passing through the filters of
the Department of State Security (DSS), Economic
and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),
Independent Corrupt Practices and other related
offences Commission (ICPC), the Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN), the Force Criminal Investigations
Department (FCID), and the Defence Intelligence
Agency (DIA) for forensic screening, only three
nominees came out clean.
President Buhari had insisted from the onset that
he wanted to appoint people without corruption
baggage that could taint administration and inhibit
his anti-corruption drive » .
It was also gathered that the president was
shocked by the amount of money quantified in
several transactions cutting across several
sectors of the economy, including oil and gas ,
finance, power, governance and infrastructural
commitments, where the persons involved failed
the nation, thus contributing to its current
Consequently, President Buhari is said to have
rescheduled the new date for the submission of his
list of ministerial nominees to the Senate for
approval to September , during which it is hoped
that he would have prepared a new list that will be
screened and those that scaled the integrity
huddle, presented for confirmation.
A source said: “Buhari has said anybody with
skeleton in the closet will not work with him
irrespective of the role he or she played. If such
persons are around him, it means he may be
pressurised to compromise his principled stance
So they are trying to push him to a corner, because
the truth is that they cannot seem to read or
understand his body language. They have now
seen that Buhari is ready to sacrifice anybody for
Nigeria to move forward.”

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