Is Meek Mill Mad at Drake over affair with Nicki?


This morning Meek Mill fired at one of Nicki’s
closest allies in the music business, Drake,
claiming that Drake doesn’t write his own
lyrics. A source claims that Meek came for
Drake on Twitter after he found out that Nicki
had dated Drake in the past.
“Meek is upset that Drake [allegedly dated]
Nicki. I think Nicki is low key in love with
Drake and Drake is low key in love with Nicki.
You have to see how they are when they’re
around each other. If I was Meek, I might feel
some type of way about it too.”
MediaTakeOut claims the alleged relationship
between Nicki and Drake occurred while she
was Safaree . . . but when she was also
creeping with Meek.
“Meek is very insecure, and he should be. He
got Nicki on the rebound . . . she just came off
a long-term relationship with [Safaree] and
you know sh*t like that [rebound
relationships] never really work.
“Real talk though – I think Nicki and Drake
really will get married one of these days.” the
source told MTOMeek Mill has since deleted
most of Nicki’s photos from his instagram
What can you say about that?

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