5 common myths debunked in Marriage

There are a lot of preconceived notions about the
concept of marriage.
However, there are many false ones including the
five below.
1. Life is easy after the wedding- A lot of people say
and think that people can relax once they are
married. This is completely false. A successful
marriage takes a lot of work so, you have to show
up everyday willing do your very best effort and be
sure to always look for ways to do things better.
Marriage consultant and coach Lesli Doares ,
author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage, says,
“continuing to take care of yourself so your partner
continues to be attracted to you, making sure you
still ‘date’ and thinking about how your actions
impact your partner and relationship are all the
things that need to keep happening throughout the
2. Sex is boring- This is another popular
misconception about marriages. Yes, sex can
become very boring if you let yourselves get stuck
in a rut, however, this can be worked on. Sex in
your marriage can be whatever you want it to be.
In fact, studies have shown that married people not
only have more sex, but also better sex than
3. It is all about the children- Children are definitely
an important component of a marriage and they
require a lot from the parents, however, marriage
is ultimately about the man and the women. Lesli
says, “children do better when they come from
intact, two-parent households. Yes, they’ll soak up
all the time and attention you’ll allow them to
because they’re unaware of the lasting costs.
However, in the long run, the best gift you can give
them is to take really good care of your marriage.”
4. Your partner exists to make you happy- This is
another totally false notion about marriage and
relationships in general. Your happiness should
come from you and you alone, no one should have
to bear that burden or job. Lesli reveals, “although,
you can have a happily ever after marriage, your
own contentment is ultimately a do-it-yourself
5. You should keep your dirty laundry to yourselves-
Many people say marriages work better when both
partners keep their dirty laundry to themselves, in
fact, there are a lot of arguments about how much
you should reveal. However, you have to be willing
to share with your partner in order for your
marriage to grow.
Ladies and gentlemen, please disregard these
misconceptions about marriages, do not let them
keep you from getting married and your union will

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