Couples should have sex atleast 4 times a week said Bimbo Thomas

In a brief chat with E24-7, Bimbo Thomas who
recently lavished about N45million on her new
business outfit, ‘Bimbally Wine and Liquor’
disclosed that she believes a couple should
have sex as much as possible, at least 4 times a
See what she said after the cut:
“Couples should meet as often as possible.
Maybe four times in a week, if time permits
and we’re not far apart”. She said refereing to
her self and her new millionaire boyfriend.
Also refuting rumours that her boyfriend gave
her N42m to establish her wine store, Bimbally
which is located in Ikeja, Lagos, she says
“I established the store with my own hard-
earned money; no man gave me money. Even
my family members were shocked when I
opened the store because I didn’t inform
anybody. My man was also surprised. Anyway,
I think its hype for me and I love it, except for
the aspect of the man that they added to it”.

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