Day female fans held me hostage – Kiss Daniel, Woju singer


Success they say is like a magnet; it attracts
members of the opposite sex in droves. That
is exactly what is happening to Woju singer,
Kiss Daniel (Oluwatobiloba Daniel
Anidugbe) ever
since the release of the single. And you may
not know it. But the rave of the moment and
G-Worldwide Entertainment act is a
graduate from the Federal University of
Agriculture, Abeokuta, with a degree in
Water Engineering. He started his music
career professionally in 2013 after his
tertiary education and overnight
became a household name with the release
of Woju. In this chat
CHINENYE, Kiss Daniel, who lost his dad a
while ago says his influences include acts
like Danfo Drivers, Zulezu, Oriste Femi and
Tuface Idibia among a host of others. He
also opens up on career and fame. Excerpts:

What have you been up to lately?
Wow! I’m currently working on my debut
album. My fans should
watch out, it’s going to be bang like

How was growing up?
Growing up was just fine. I grew up in
Abeokuta, Ogun State. I
schooled in Abeokuta too. I had all my
education in Abeokuta
and I studied Water Engineering.

Why the name Kiss Daniel?
That goes back a long way. I chose the name
because that was the nickname I got in
school. And it was due to my dimples and
then somehow, the name just stuck to me
like glue and here I am

You studied Water Engineering, why
(Laughter) I chose music over my course of
study because I like
doing music; it runs in my blood. I am one
of those who believes in following his
passion. I would rather do music than sit
behind a desk in a shirt and tie signing

What did your parents say about your
career choice?
My dad was okay with it because he was a
lover of creativity, but
mom’s not so much of an entertainment

What does music mean to you and what
inspires your sound?
Music generally is a way of communication.
It is the food of the
soul. Of course I write my songs. I started
writing at the age of 11.
I listen to music and it inspires me. God, my
dad and good music
motivate me.

As an up-and-coming artiste, what
challenges did you face?
It was rough and tough but today I don’t
think I’m facing any
challenge. The only thing I’m trying to
contain is dealing with fame because I still
live my life like a normal person on the
streets. But one has to be very careful now
because all eyes are
on you.

What inspired Woju and how are your
female fans warming up to it
A whole lot of good music out there inspired
Woju. And my female fans are reacting very
well. Here’s giving them all a very big hug:
you’ve all been wonderful.

What’s the craziest thing your female fans
have done to you?
Wow! I went for a show a while ago and
when I was about driving out of the venue,
some of my female fans numbering about 11
or 12 stormed the venue and surrounded
my car insisting that I was going nowhere
except I took them to my house. The
tried to make a way for me to leave but all
was to no avail so I had to take a couple of
them to my house. I didn’t do anything with
them-o (laughter). I did it so they could let
me leave the

Which artiste are you looking forward to
working with?
Lil Wayne.
Where do you see yourself in the next few
I see myself where my hard work and God
takes me to.

Apart from music, what else do you think
you can try your hands at?
Apart from music, I’m equally a fashionista
and I will soon be
opening my own clothes line.

What words of advice do you for your
Live and let’s live.

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