A new way to teach English

Education is one of the fastest growing
businesses in the world’s most populated country
— so what’s the secret to tapping this huge
Eric Yang, chief executive officer of online English
language learning company, VIPABC, may have
cracked the code. VIPABC runs an online platform
for English study for TutorGroup, which was
launched in 2004 with offices throughout Asia and
a research and development team in Silicon
Valley in California. TutorGroup has expanded
rapidly and now employs more than 2000
teachers in 30 countries worldwide.
In this interview with BBC’s Steve Tappin, Yang
explains how his business blends the best of both
these worlds: carefully mixing Silicon Valley
innovation with Chinese pragmatism.
Yang feels strongly that online learning lets
students set their own pace. This method, he
believes, will change how people study in the
future. Already, he’s seen former VIPABC students
successfully take their new skills — and learning
styles — into the workplace.
So why haven’t other Chinese entrepreneurs
succeeded? And how does Yang contend with the
immense pressure of running a multinational
company? Click the arrow above to learn more.

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