New Movie: ‘Dangerous Blood’ Hits Market Soon


A new Nollywood movie ‘ Dangerous blood’ is set to hit the market. The intriguing family story movie produced by Wisdom Macaulay, screenplay by Darlington Azoro and directed by Chris Ounesor Productions is about a
young girl Lucy and her sister Sonia,
Lucy is the elder Sister of Sonia! The two siblings happens to be the only children of their Noble parents, lucy’s Jealousy towards her younger
Sister becomes more grievous! Despite the hatred that was Bestowed onto Sonia, Her warm Hearted and Kindness never Seize from loving her Elder
Sister! She took a Drastic decision to lay down her life for her beloved sister on a Crime she didn’t commit! Despise all the Sacrifices of love she gave
out! In this mysterious world, life can’t be complete without Love!

The movie which has been scheduled to hit the market any
moment from now, ‘Dangerous blood’ parades Nollywood Stars such as Annie Idibia, Solomon Akiyesi, Mimi Orjiakwu, Nosa Rex, Wisdom Macaulay
and Ero Josh.


Shooting scene (Fourcorner Magazine)

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