Chris Brown Going To Great Lengths To Not Lose Custody Of His Daughter

According to TMZ, Chris Brown is really beefing up his security force and putting his entourage, dancers, and crew on notice: “NO screw-ups on tour … or else.”
Sources close to Chris tell TMZ he’s hired 5 new bodyguards to shadow him during his “One Hell of a Nite” tour. One of the guards will reportedly be eyeballing his money and his jewelry at all times, and there will be NO backstage access for anyone, unless they know Chris.
Apparently, he’s doing all of this because he’s fighting for joint custody of his daughter, Royalty and fears that her mother, Nia Guzman, will use any missteps against him when they meet in court in 2 weeks.
Chris wants to make sure there are no more robberies or violent incidents and he’s so serious about keeping things clean, he’s told his dancers and entourage they’ll be sent home if anyone acts out.


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