Meet Kin-GA, Karate and New music Icon

Hamton Media take a look into the world of ‘Kuyinu Michael Adelana”. A karate icon and chartered marketer who decided to join the music industry because of his love and passion for music. In the interview with Hafeez Oshundairo, he revealed who the new music icon ‘Kin-GA’ is and more.




Can we have the details of your background?
I was born in Ibadan but I grew up in Abeokuta in Ogun State. I attended Housing Estate primary school (1991-1996) then moved to Ijemo Titun High School (1996 to 2002). I attended The polytechnic Ibadan, which i studied Business Administration in 2007 and became Chartered in the professional field of Marketing in 2008 under the umbrella of National Institute of Marketing Nigeria.

What can you say about your sport career so far?
I started sports (Karate) in the year 2002 immediately after my secondary education and which I’m still in it up till date. I became a state player who represented Ogun State in competitions at different level like National Sports Festival. I’ve also been to different competitions and came back with medals like Gold, silver, and bronze.

What made you go into music?
Along side with my sports, I learnt music production in 2005 and I’ve been a music producer, singer, rapper and a performer. I’ve been a music lover ever since I was a kid. I wrote my first song in the year 1999 then I was in S S S 1. I’ve been singing in church since I was 8years old. I also do poem recitations back then. So music has been what I have passion for because it is part of me.

How did you arrived at your stage name ‘Kin-GA’?
It was crafted from the yoruba word ‘Igbega’ (greatness). All I ever wanted was to be great in life. So I extracted Kin-GA from the word Ki Emi Ga ni ile aye mi‘. It is actually a line in one of the singles that would be coming out soon also titled Kin-GA. The song explains the name in details.

What type of music do you sing and do you wish to diversify in future?
I am versatile. I do any type of music; Reggae, hip hop, R n B etc, depending on how the inspiration comes. Sometimes I also go into dance hall music.

How do you derive your inspiration for music?
It comes like a wind, I put it down and later work on it.  Am not a lover of alcohol or hard drugs, and i don’t smoke. Inspiration comes at will.

As a producer and singer, what is your present record label?
I rule my world. All my songs are been produced and recorded under BIGGA Kin-GA HOOD Entertainment.

How many tracks have you released to the world under your entertainment and have you been featured in any song?
Currently, I have released 7songs. Which include: We Ride ft Mac J and St Sammy Fee, We Ride remix ft Easy B, L Dot and J cool, Omo Ogun ft Rozon & Sammy Fee, Shawty, Epo, Ere omode, Find A Way ft Jah Reign & Maher Zain.
I’ve worked with some friends in their singles ( J flex, St Sammy fee, Bobby Rapper, Hammuda and many others) and I’ve also worked with some gospel artists like Orisun Iye, Psalmist, Ebike etc. And it still continues.

What are your challenges in the Music Industry?
Challenges in the industry are many. Getting acceptance from the right audience. Getting the right channel for promotion is also another challenge for me and few others that cant be mentioned. But thank God for Hamton Media Concept for all this online package that he brought to his homeland (Abeokuta) which is to support the good upcoming, entertainment generally in Ogun State.

Your challenges of collaboration?
I don’t have challenges as for collaboration. When it is time for collaboration with top icons in the industry, I’ll do it.

Worst moment on stage?
Never had any so far.

How has been your parents support towards your music and karate career?
From the beginning, I got no support from them, I.e I was fully discouraged. But to my surprise, I started to get support from them. They gave me full when I was planning to shoot my videos, ‘Ere Omode’ and ‘Find A way’ which would be coming out soon. They really supported me.

Can you say your track ‘Omo Ogun’ brought you into limelight, and what inspired you in writing the lyrics of your songs??
Omo Ogun is one of the tracks that was massively accepted by the audience because of the originality in its lyrics about our motherland, even though the instrumental was foreign. My inspiration depends on the circumstances I found myself.

What can you say about your songs, ‘Ere Omode’ and ‘Find a way’ and when should your audience be expecting the videos?
Ere omode is a song that stands as a flashback for the people to remind them of those days when we were much more younger. The kind of interesting children’s play that we usually do then. To remind us of the sweetness in our culture and our traditional games of those days which is gradually going into extinction.
Find a way is an inspirational song that was done to encourage people that are down emotionally to keep believing in God that there will always be a way for them even tho the tunnel may be dark, but the song is an assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone.
The two videos are coming out very soon. I can’t give a specific date for now but we are seriously working on it.

When do you intend releasing an album?
Next year by God’s grace.

If you were to change three things about your past, what would it be?
Nothing, because I understand that everything that I’ve pass through is to make me a better person. Hard knocks of life made me but it is all for the best.

What can you say about preserving Nigerian culture with music?
Nigeria culture can be preserved with music if we have musicians that are more culture oriented like Beautiful Nubia, Lagbaja etc. They usually showcase the sweetness of our culture in most of their songs.

How do you manage your karate and music together?
There is time for everything. I do my training in the morning for 2 to 3 hours and I have the rest of the day to do my music and relax. Although, I engage in some other recreational activities like swimming but mostly on weekends.

Kin-Ga recent events:
Glo Laff fest Abeokuta at OK centre, City people awards at Darktad, Abeokuta. Musical Show at Prince lounge.
Hobbies: swimming, travelling, listening to good music.

Lastly, what do you have for your fans and music industry?
My fans should keep supporting, I promise never to let them down and as for fellow artists in the industry, let’s continue to make positive impact in the lives of people with our contents, our music and everything that has to do with entertainment in general.

Ere Omode  audio link:

Find A Way audio link:
Kin-GA, Jah Reign and Maher Zain.

Kin-Ga Contact:  +2348101844999 bbm: 2A9980F8
bbm channel: C003FEA65


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