Letter to Yellow Bloggers (Response to your libellous write up against Korede bello and Nij)


“Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and
make you live in abject poverty.” Says Michael Bassey
This makes me wonder why some people put pen to paper or will I say
type on their computer system at the comfort of their home with unnecessary findings.
My attention was called to a story that have been circulating on blogs; that the “GodWin Crooner” Korede Bello will
not be allowed to seat for the forthcoming examination if he does not
meet up to the 70 percent of the school attendance.
If I may ask this so bloggers; where did you get your story from, As a journalism student I believe in objective, if not why will such story
that is not verified be picked up and be posted on blogs just because you want traffic on your site.
Have you ever come to the Institution “Nigerian Institute of Journalism” to verify if Korede Bello do come to
Who amongst the official of the institution did you interviewed
because some wrote “The Lectures vow to resign” while some wrote “A
lecturer of the Institution”? So many question to ask you so call
bloggers, please for your information I am a bonafide student of the institution and I can categorically tell you that
Korede Bello is just like a normal student of the school; No special
treatment added for him.
He comes to class for lecture just like his colleague and when there is no lecture why coming to school.
Last year, a blogger also posted that Korede was a student of Yabatech.
Next time you are writing stories for your blog or you are doing copy
and paste please confirm the authentication of the story.
The story you posted is called Libel; not just against Korede Bello but also the Institution. Which I believe there should
be a rejoinder for the story posted on your blogs.
Also if you love journalism as a profession go for professional course
on it or try NIJ to see what korede bello put together.

Thanks Ahmed Ayoade (Chief Agbabiaka) HND 1

Ahmed Ayoade
(C.E.O FlamingTorchMedia)

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