By Dada Emmanuel


In so many ways, every individual has got a reason to be appreciative.
Either for what they possess, what they have achieved or probably for just
been alive.

We feel very happy, confident and
comfortable in our own little world. Even while the rich laughs, the poor smiles. Irrespective of how we
see life or what life has done to us, in so many ways we still feel loved,
lucky and appreciated. At different times, people complement our beauty,
they appreciate our wisdom, laughs to our joke and the love keeps radiating.

Nigeria as a country with one of the world’s largest population of 173.6
million people (World Bank statistics of 2016), with diversified cultural
background, religious ideology and social class. One must but ask how this
country has been able to live past 40 years. It is important to state that,
God has not only been the sustainer but that the love within the people of
this West African nation is far beyond race, social class and culture.

Without any doubt, we cannot take away the fact that there has always been diversified opinion which sometimes threaten the sustenance of peaceful co-existence within the people of this nation; for instance, the war
against Boko Haram and the Nigeria government, the constant clash between the Fulani Herdsmen and the local land owners in Port Harcourt and some other eastern states, this and few others have constantly tested the
strength and perseverance of the people but the tribes are too embedded
into one another that its very much impossible for the people of any of the
regions to deny themselves the love shared in the unity of this great nation.

On November 17 2013, the famous Peter Okoye of Igbo tribe engaged his
longtime admirer Lola Omotayo from the Yoruba tribe of the Southwest. Also
of recent, in November 2015, there was a big wedding between Tiese from the
Igbo tribe and Jide from the Yoruba clan of Nigeria and this are just two
of the so many inter- tribal wedding events that are taking place all
across the breadth and length of the nation . We can also deduce at this
point that while some societies don’t allow inter- religious marriage among
them, it is not so in Nigeria. A visit to Kano, the
most populated state in
Nigeria with 2.163 million (According to Wikipedia
2016) will convince you
beyond every doubt the high level of peaceful co-
existence exhibited
between the various ethnic groups in Nigeria and a
visit to Lagos in the
South Western part of the country, will definitely
open your eyes to the
realization that the people of this nation are peace
loving individuals.
Just as I was on my way to church this morning,
the smile on peoples face
and their warm greeting of Happy valentine from
both Young and old,
Christians and Muslims alike, Northerners,
Southerners and Easterners gave
me another reassurance that the individuals
agitating for the division of
this country are either none Nigerians or perhaps
the selfish few who are
calling for an independent nation for their own
selfish interest, and as we all go out to celebrate, let us also bear in mind that if there is anything worth dying for, it is none other thing than our beloved nation “Nigeria”.
Happy valentine to you all.

Written by: Dada Emmanuel

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