@nysc_ng- Corps Member Cries Out On Sexual Harassment By Soldiers In Ondo State Camp


”Good day 9jaNewsArena, I was posted to
Ondo State for my National youth service corp.
I am currently at the orientation camp at ikare.
The male soldiers are really harassing us.
Yesterday around 11 pm my period started so I
went out to bath, to my surprise someone
flashed me a torch light without saying
anything while I was n@ked.
I ran into my hostel but later came out the
second time after 20 minutes to complete my
bath and to my surprise, he was still hiding in
the darkness.
The person still flashed the light to my body
without saying a word, so I ran back leaving
my bucket behind.
Then I decided to pretend to go and ease
myself, so as to take my bucket, this time I
dressed up and held a torchlight, to my shock I
saw this man standing in the darkness, he
asked where I was going to and I said I was
going to ease my self, then he ordered me to
put off my torch light and he waited by the
entrance of the toilet.
When I came out of the toilet he was still
standing there and asked me to come close to
him, I told him I cannot come close to him, he
asked why, I told him because it is night, he
then said we will see in the morning.
This happened inside girls hostel. These male
security operatives derive joy in entering girls
hostel to chase us every single day while there
are female soldiers and Man O War in this
Please I would love the appropriate authorities
to do something about it before it is too late.


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