What new Starboy artistes would contribute to singer’s music

Perhaps with all of these influences, Wizkid is
aiming to drop the uber-African album, one
album to rule them all and unite the continent
with pop music.
Wizkid is launching a Pan-African arm of
his record label Starboy Entertainment. The
singer who has had the Nigerian arm of the
label running since 2013 has his eyes set
on expansion throughout the continent.
His first batch of non-Nigerian artistes who
have been signed to his record label
includes Ghanaian group R2bees, sultry
songstress Efya, and raving Nigerian-born
singer Mr Eazi. Omar Sterling (Paedae) will
be the new president of the outfit, and they
will seek to push through with new music,
uniting West Africa in a synergy between
two strong entertainment hubs.
While many will see the act as a new and
convenient way to expand his business, and have
him playing at a level that no Nigerian act has
ever played before, we look at what these acts
will bring to Wizkid’s personal music. How will
their appearance in his career contribute to the
music from it? Would these contributions be
Wizkid’s music is intrinsically pop music,
representing the current needs of the masses.
The singer, in pursuit of relevance and
entertainment has kept to a simple script,
singing hit songs via the most simple of lyrics. It
is this simple lyrics, backed by his star-power,
amazing beats, and his lovable signature voice,
that has taken him to the top and kept him at
that level.
But the star has grown. With each new
achievement, there are calls for Wizkid to remix
and clean up his act by metamorphosing his
music into a more appealing brand, which also
includes diversifying the content. Also, the
incessant demands on his time has increased,
making it increasingly difficlut for the man to
dedicate a few hours of his day to songwriting
and music creation. That’s where the new guys
come in.
The new guys all share many things in common
– a shared country of operation (Ghana),
extremely talented singers, vocalists, creators,
writers and composers. The most important
parts being the music angles.
Wizkid will have to rely heavily on his new acts
for the creation of music. Songwriting duties will
be evenly shared, with Efya and Mr Eazi being
projected to handle new projects. Eazi is a
skilled songwriter and composer who has a
number of hit tracks in Ghana. Efya’s prowess in
composing and recording can be rivalled by very
few. It is this combination that Wizkid will look
to avail himself of. Mugeez and Omar Sterling
(R2bees) will also have to shoulder creative
responsibilities and strategy.
Perhaps with all of these influences, Wizkid is
aiming to drop the uber-African album, one
album to rule them all and unite the continent
with pop music. The singer knows this, hence his
numerous features, signings, and cosigns. With
his newly signed acts, Wizkid’s synergy from
various music climes, if done right, it will bring
forth a sound that traverses all the barriers that
have stood in the way of a continental unifying
sound. Wizkid will be at the helm of it all,
pioneering, leading, dictating, and creating. That
way he contributes something spectacular to the
game, and leaves posterity a great legacy.

culled from PulseNg


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