Celebrity Interview: “No perfect Woman” -Seyi Law @Vvaultcine


Today on “The Interview” With Vall Halla Tv, we bring to you the short question/answer chat with  one of Africa’s best standup comedian and MD/CEO of “Black Advoc8 Int’l Ltd”, Aletile Oluwaseyitan Lawrence best known as (Seyi Law).

He was born on the 22nd of June 1983 in Portnumba, Gabon. In 2006, he made the big break right after he emerged the first winner of AY’s Open Mic Challenge. After then, he delved into comedy professionally 2008.

He won the Tush award in 2009, 2010, 2011 and in 2012, Future awards 2011, Modemen award 2011, Dynamix award 2009, and in 2011, The City People award for Best New comedian.And since then he has been performing in different shows.


Best colour– Blue

Best hair cut–  low cut

Best automobile– Mercedes Benz

Best sport kit manufacture– Adidas

Single/in a relationship– Married

Definition of a Perfect Lady– There’s no perfect woman. A woman with  beautiful character wins me. Simplicity

Money/Love– Love always

Ronaldo/Messi– Ronaldo

Best music genre– Soul with a bit of traditional feel

Football/Basketball/Tennis– Football

Beyonce/Rihanna/Kim Kardashian– Rihanna

What inspired you to go into comedy– Nothing. Someone motivated me to do it and I have been finding inspiration since

Other inbuilt passions apart from comedy-Cooking and Motivational speaking

Advice to upcoming comedians – Find You, Refine You, and make a Unique You.


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