CORPER FRANCISCA #1.5m worth CDS project commission

Corper Ezin ne Francisca who started a building of Science Laboratory  2months ago in Aheri Coastal College Ajegunle Enu-ama, Ilaje, Ondo State has finally commission her CDS project on 4th of September 2016.


Corper Ezinne Francisca

Corper Francisca is a Batch B 2015 Corp member, who has come to end of her National Service. She didn’t end the service like previous Corp members; but with a huge project for the benefit of the pupils in her primary place of assignment and community at large.

The project was commissioned by the Assistant Development Director of NYSC Akure Chapter, Mr Lasisi Olawuyi. A long side with Enu-ama King, His Royal Highness Ibukunoluwa Asher; NYSC Ilaje Local Government Inspector, Mr Adeyemi Ayodele; Ilaje Corp Members Supervisor, Comrade Babatunde; Comrade Oladapo Akinlolu; Aheri Principal, Mr Ogodonla Omosule; Corp members and elders in the community.



Corper Francisca voiced out during the commissioning that the laboratory shouldn’t be used for playing ground or any non-science activities, like class room. It should be used for only science practical when necessary. She also included that “this project must be used to expose the students to various experiments”.” Subsequently, this project will equip the students towards their careers in the higher institutions. The project shall forever continue to exist from generation to generation which will enhance the development of the community, State, and Nigeria through your children”, she added.


His Royal Highness Ibukunoluwa Asher

Addlng to what she said, His Royal Highness Ibukunoluwa urges the students and tutors to use the laboratory effectively and not for playing ground. He also urges the students to focus on their academics for them to be a better person in future. “I want this community to produce a Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer”. “An illiterate can’t be a King; if you want to be where I am today or like others, you must be educated”, he added.

In addition to his speech, he announced the plan to retain Corper Francisca as a teaching staff of Aheri Coastal College. “Corper Francisca, you will be retained in this School till the time you get a Job and you will be paid, treat and be respected like other staff”.


Mr Lasisi Olawuyi

Nevertheless, Mr Lasisi was delighted to see such project despite the situation in the country. He congratulated Corper Francisca for her work done. Also he urges other Corp Members especially 2016 Batch A to emulate what she has done. They should have impact in the community, not teaching alone, but something that will be of benefit to the community they serve.

Other faces at the commission center:


Mr Ayodele



Mr Lasisi


His Royal Highness Ibukunoluwa





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